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Fundraising is hard.  Finding sponsors for campaigns is even harder.  There are many new commercial spots pleading for people not to text while driving.  In Austin the companies who are advertising against distracted driving are companies that have professional drivers delivering goods and services out there on the front lines and they are reporting back that distracted driving is everywhere, everyday.  You take a risk every time you share the road with distracted drivers.

We were hoping that an invitation to the White House for Xzavier and his mom Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford would give their campaign a Presidential stamp of approval but getting the attention of the White House has proven to be even harder than getting the attention of distracted drivers.   We will keep trying but we could use your help.

I am suggesting that you visit Valetta’s facebook page and wish her a Happy Easter and it wouldn’t hurt to tell her you are sorry she has to struggle this long and that your prayers are with her this holiday.