Valetta would love to thank the mystery woman known only to us by the first name Lynette.  Watch the news story at this link;

This article only names the mystery woman as Lynette, but you see her in the video.   Lynette purchased Shi Shi off the street from some teenage boy who wanted $40 dollars and she got the boy to sell her the dog for $10 dollars.

When she brought the dog home, her family recognized Shi Shi as the missing service dog for Xzavier Davis-Bilbo thanks to the local Milwaukee news stations coming to rally around Valetta pleading for the dog’s return.

Then Lynette called Fox 6 News and told them she had turned Shi Shi into  MADACC,  the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission.


If anyone knows Lynette please tell her to contact Valetta.

And of course we invite all of you to friend Valetta on Facebook at this link;

You can contact Valetta for red X pins and t-shirts, copyright Valetta Bradford 2014.

Thank you so much all the local Milwaukee News Stations and the mystery woman Lynette, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  1. I would like to send Lynette a fruit basket. We hear about lots of bad things happening everywhere. It’s wonderful to hear about people who care about others. Thank you so much Lynette.

    that Lady down in Texas

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