the Saga of Shi Shi, Xzavier’s help dog was stolen and then returned after local Milwaukee news stations crusade around Valetta Bradford

Posted: May 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
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A saga of a missing help dog was unfolded on the Facebook page of Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford these last two weeks.

For months, Shi Shi, the Blue Pitt Bull help dog of Xzavier Davis-Bilbo has been praised and featured in Valetta’s day to day life.  She calls Shi Shi her other baby of the four legged variety.

Then Shi Shi was taken from their front yard and Xzavier was inconsolable.  Valetta reported that Xzavier wouldn’t give up and he got them out door-to-door passing fliers for the missing Shi Shi.


The details will be added as they come in, so follow us here for the what is known of Shi Shi’s abduction and the incredible rally of the Milwaukee press to come to the aid of this family.

Valetta Bradford is the mother of Xzavier who became a Spokeswoman in the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign.  She and Xzavier and Aurie are featured in the documentary ‘From One Second to the Next’ and Werner Herzog said it was Valetta that inspired him to make it.

Follow this link to watch Valetta and X go door to door in search of Shi Shi;



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