Interview on ‘the Katie Couric Show’ 05-02-2014

Posted: May 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford appears on ‘the Katie Couric Show’ with children Xzavier Davis-Bilbo and Aurie Parris to warn drivers not to text while driving.  Katie Couric, seasoned journalist goes about the hard task of getting the details out about their nightmarish ordeal,  living with the consequences left behind a distracted driver.

5-Year-Old Becomes Paralyzed After Texting & Driving Accident


Xzavier survived.  His mom says he is shy around new people, but he speaks once in this interview.   Aurie tells how she found out about the texting.  Together they make an incredible team.  ‘Don’t text for X’.

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