He survived, now what?

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Xzavier Davis was crossing the street and then he was struck by such force it ripped him from his 13 year old sister’s hand and drug him twenty yards away.  This force was a distracted driver. He was carrying a scooter and they say that scooter, the way he was holding it, saved his life in the blow because it took the brunt of the impact.  He survived.  He lost the use of his legs and his left lung.  He is in a wheelchair and on a respirator.  He is seriously damaged and this cost serious money.  The woman who hit Xzavier with her car was texting at the time of the collision.  She wasn’t even in her own lane.  Her boyfriend showed up at the scene of the crime and had a screaming fit “I told you not to text when you drive, you do this all the time, now look what you did to these people’s baby.”  Xzavier was five years old.

The insurance money is gone.  After the medical bills Valetta was given $25,000. dollars to care for Xzavier for the rest of his life.  She used the money to replumb her house  so she can bathe her son and she bought a second hand wheelchair accessible van and a lift for her house that she owned before this happened.  She had to quit her manager position in corporate America and take up her post as Xzavier’s head nurse.  She has had to follow resource leads for every  little thing to help her care for her son down to the special cream he needs so his skin won’t break down.  This prevents bed sores.

She has to undergo the agony of siphoning his ventilator periodically. She has to take care of his every bodily function.  And she does it all with a smile on her face.

Send your love and help and support today.

Valetta Bradford
PO Box 06061
Milwaukee, WI 53206

Friend Valetta on Facebook


If you friend Valetta and you want to donate to the care of Xzavier or the campaign against Distracted Driving,

you have to tell her.  She may be set up to receive donations through her personal email through PayPal by now.  You can also donate in person at any Educator’s Credit Union nationwide.  Be sure you are donating to the X-Man Foundation in care of Valetta Bradford.

Valetta started the X-Man Foundation.  This is a non-profit organization federally recognized.


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