Red Carpet Invite for the Mighty X-Man

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Xzavier and his mom Valetta Bradford made a documentary against distracted driving.

This is a big deal for X.   He has a sharp mind and he is an excellent speller.  He goes to school and Valetta tries to provide as much normalcy as she can in his life despite that a respiratory and wheelchair are necessary parts of their existence now.  Xzavier requires a nurse, Super Nurse as she is known, and she is going to the premiere as well.

When X was a baby, Valetta would park him in front of the television to watch the Greenbay Packers.  That’s his favorite team.

Down here in Texas,  we cheer for the Cowboys.  We also really like UT.

Nowadays Xzavier plays games.  ‘Games, it’s always games with Xzavier’.

You can donate to the on-going care of Xzavier and if you know of any football teams that want to sponsor the campaign against Distracted Driving,  Valetta is a spokeswoman and she is available for travel.  When it comes to speaking against Distracted Driving,  she is there.

And if you would like to send Xzavier a Nintendo with that game Banjo and Kazooie,  that’s what I would get him if I was a rich lady,  but that Lady down in Texas lives on disability.

Valetta has a Post Office Box.  If you wish to send a care package or donate some money go to the facebook page for Valetta and tell her;

Valetta Bradford
PO Box 06061
Milwaukee, WI 53206

You have to tell her.  She’s not a mind reader but she does have Super Mom powers.

  1. Please go to facebook now and friend Valetta at:

    She will friend you. She has over 2K facebook friends today.

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