He was a rambunctious five year old and it was a beautiful day in Milwaukee.  His mother Valetta Bradford, a single-mom working as a manager in Corporate America was home after a long work day and just wanted to rest a while before preparing dinner.  The park is across the street from the home Valetta owns.  Her 13 year old daughter offers to take Xzavier to the school playground so mom can rest.  This is a typical day for millions of us but this one in a million doesn’t end with dinner.  Nobody made it to that dinner table because that dinner table never got set on October 10, 2010.

A distracted driver struck Xzavier within the confounds of the crosswalk in front of Lee Elementary.  The children didn’t see her approaching because this driver crossed out of her own lane.   The vehicle struck Xzavier and drug him off  twenty feet from his older sister and ran over his small body with both sets of tires.  He was ripped from his sister’s hand and the only thing that saved his life was the metal scooter he had slung over his shoulder because his mother taught him to carry it that way when crossing the street.  She didn’t allow her son to ride the scooter in the street.  The doctors would tell Valetta that evening that the scooter took most of the brunt of the impact of the force of this strike otherwise Xzavier would have died on impact.

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Now the woman driving the vehicle was fined a little over a hundred and fifty dollars and this is the extent of her punishment.  She got off so easy and Xzavier has to pay for the rest of his life and so does Valetta and so does that older sister and so does everyone in Xzavier’s family and so do I.  I have never met Xzavier or Valetta but I saw their PSA on my TV one day in July of 2013 and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since.   I live in Texas and they live in Milwaukee and because of my own injuries from a distracted driver we are likely never to meet.  This doesn’t stop me from getting involved and it shouldn’t stop you either.  We can take their message

‘Don’t text for X’

and we can change the world one driver at a time.

Xzavier’s injuries are so serious.  He is paralyzed from the diaphragm down and he is trae-vented.  He is confined to a wheelchair or bed and he remains on a respirator.  He has partial use of his hands.    He’s nine years old.  He was injured at age five.

Not much has changed since the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign got underway and this is mainly because this campaign is organized by the very companies providing the mobile distractions.  Valetta Bradford, Xzavier’s mom has turned herself into a Spokeswoman against Distracted Driving by holding her son up for all to see.  She will never turn down a speaking engagement because Valetta has stated this work gives their existence meaning.  It means something.  Valetta has embraced all the changes necessary to keep her son at home, a very expensive and challenging endeavor considering that he is paralyzed from the diaphragm down, he has limited use of his hands, and he has to remain on a respirator that has to be monitored 24/7.  Valetta’s career had to be sacrificed so that she could become Xzavier’s primary caregiver.  Valetta and Xzavier grieve over the loss of his Personal Legend.  Xzavier had dreams of becoming a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, Xzavier’s favorite team since he was three (or before then). I grieve for this too because we take football very seriously down here in Texas.

And there you have it in a nutshell.  Xzavier was crossing the street but he didn’t make it to the other side because a callous woman was texting instead of watching the road and she crossed out of her own lane and she plowed over Xzavier with her very large vehicle.  If not for the metal scooter, you would not be reading this article because statistics don’t have a voice.  Xzavier didn’t make it to his destination but he survived.  We have a world of drivers who need to pay attention to him.

The text that woman was sending read “I’m on my Way.”

You can donate to ‘the X-Man Foundation’ at any Educator’s Credit Union in person or you can friend Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford at this link;


Valetta invites all of you.  She founded ‘the X-Man Foundation’ to educate drivers to the dangers of distracted driving with an emphasis on texting.  This is a grass roots project with the most powerful message available at this time.  By holding Xzavier up for drivers to see how horrific their activities can become we can change the world one driver at a time.  If you do not live near an Educator’s Credit Union you can still donate to the X-Man Foundation directly through Valetta Bradford’s personal email.  Her email address is valettabradford@gmail.com.

The X-Man Foundation is a federally recognized non-profit run by Valetta and volunteers.  100% of your donation will go to the campaign

‘Don’t text for X’

Valetta is able to take Xzavier with her and Katie Couric even got him to speak on camera.  Valetta says that Xzavier is a chatter box until he is around new people but Katie is empathetic and wonderful and her works against Distracted Driving pre-date Xzavier’s injuries.  It’s too bad that driver who attacked Xzavier hadn’t listened to Katie and that is the point of this article.

  Xzavier’s mom told me he has to take so many pills that it could choke a horse.  How sad for a nine year old.  I know a lot of you reading this article will want to help them if just to give Xzavier the best day he can possibly have.   And what makes him the happiest is being with his mom in front of you wherever you will have him.  He’s actually quite a social animal.  I have pictures to prove it but go ahead and friend Valetta and view them from the source.   http://facebook.com/valettabradford


Xzavier was honored with ‘Xzavier Day’ on October 11, 2014.

 Click here to watch Xzavier speak to ninth graders.

Click here for our fundraiser in September to get Xzavier a wheelchair accessible van!

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Valetta would love to thank the mystery woman known only to us by the first name Lynette.  Watch the news story at this link;


This article only names the mystery woman as Lynette, but you see her in the video.   Lynette purchased Shi Shi off the street from some teenage boy who wanted $40 dollars and she got the boy to sell her the dog for $10 dollars.

When she brought the dog home, her family recognized Shi Shi as the missing service dog for Xzavier Davis-Bilbo thanks to the local Milwaukee news stations coming to rally around Valetta pleading for the dog’s return.

Then Lynette called Fox 6 News and told them she had turned Shi Shi into  MADACC,  the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission.


If anyone knows Lynette please tell her to contact Valetta.


And of course we invite all of you to friend Valetta on Facebook at this link;


You can contact Valetta for red X pins and t-shirts, copyright Valetta Bradford 2014.

Thank you so much all the local Milwaukee News Stations and the mystery woman Lynette, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

A saga of a missing help dog was unfolded on the Facebook page of Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford these last two weeks.

For months, Shi Shi, the Blue Pitt Bull help dog of Xzavier Davis-Bilbo has been praised and featured in Valetta’s day to day life.  She calls Shi Shi her other baby of the four legged variety.

Then Shi Shi was taken from their front yard and Xzavier was inconsolable.  Valetta reported that Xzavier wouldn’t give up and he got them out door-to-door passing fliers for the missing Shi Shi.


The details will be added as they come in, so follow us here for the what is known of Shi Shi’s abduction and the incredible rally of the Milwaukee press to come to the aid of this family.

Valetta Bradford is the mother of Xzavier who became a Spokeswoman in the ‘It Can Wait’ campaign.  She and Xzavier and Aurie are featured in the documentary ‘From One Second to the Next’ and Werner Herzog said it was Valetta that inspired him to make it.

Follow this link to watch Valetta and X go door to door in search of Shi Shi;




Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford appears on ‘the Katie Couric Show’ with children Xzavier Davis-Bilbo and Aurie Parris to warn drivers not to text while driving.  Katie Couric, seasoned journalist goes about the hard task of getting the details out about their nightmarish ordeal,  living with the consequences left behind a distracted driver.

5-Year-Old Becomes Paralyzed After Texting & Driving Accident


Xzavier survived.  His mom says he is shy around new people, but he speaks once in this interview.   Aurie tells how she found out about the texting.  Together they make an incredible team.  ‘Don’t text for X’.

On October 10, 2010 a driver struck five year old Xzavier Davis-Bilbo ripping him from his sister’s hand and dragging him twenty feet before stopping.

This driver crossed out of her own lane and into the on-coming lane of traffic in order to hit Xzavier.  Let it be known there was little hope of preventing this sudden onslaught.  Xzavier was doing everything right including NOT riding his metal scooter in the street.  He had the metal scooter slung over his shoulder like his mom told him to do when crossing the street in the crosswalk.  Xzavier and his older  sister were in the crosswalk.

It just so happens this driver was texting but that in no way excuses her total disregard for human life.

Xzavier is paralyzed from the diaphragm down.  He has limited use of his hands.  He also lost his left lung and will have to remain on life support.  This all pales in significance of what he really lost which was to realize his dream of becoming a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, of which I have no doubt he would have realized had this driver not attempted to negligently murder him.

That is how serious this is.

The doctors told his mother that the metal scooter he had slung over his shoulder saved his life else he would have just become another statistic of distracted driving.  Xzavier survived.

His mother Valetta Bradford has become a spokeswoman against distracted driving with an emphasis on texting.  Valetta Bradford brought her son home and she changed everything to accommodate her son with his new disabilities rather than allow him to become institutionalized.

This is why I am in this work, to promote this family.  I can imagine what it’s  like for her but Valetta once told me, ‘You have no idea.” and I suppose that is true.  I’ve been writing these articles since July of 2013 and I find out something new all the time.  For instance, Valetta told me they never get any peace and quiet because the machines keeping her son alive drone on and on so loudly.   Xzavier has to live like this.

Xzavier should be enjoying his childhood.

I know they do all they can to make him as comfortable as possible and I know they do all they can to make his childhood as magical as they can despite these challenges but this family is struggling financially.   Valetta cannot work because she is the primary caregiver for her son.  She also has a nurse that stays overnight so she can sleep.

Valetta stays up all night on weekends and makes sure that respirator keeps on droning along and Xzavier has to be watched 24/7 in case his equipment needs suctioning.   We have no idea.

As for the driver and her insurance,  Valetta received $25K and that’s it.  Her lawyer worked pro bono and that is almost unheard of where I come from,  (Texas, I’m a certified paralegal and legal specialist graduated with a 4.0).  The driver received a fine a little over $150 dollars.  She should be in prison.

So the next time you want to pick up your phone while driving I hope you remember this article.  I wrote it for you.  I myself have never used a phone while driving but everyone I know does.  I’ve written these same facts down over and over but after reviewing the statistics for these webpages this one site gets the most traffic and I felt it would serve the public if I capsulated the story again here.

What can you do?  Start with a ‘Don’t text for X’ attitude and don’t bother your friends when you know they are on the road.   That will help.

And show the love.  We are still working out the kinks of getting you a donate button on-line.  It’s hard because Valetta has never met me.  I’m that Lady down in Texas and I got involved after I saw the PSA Valetta and X did with Werner Herzog.  I’m planning a trip to Milwaukee for October to attend the Annual Walk for Awareness that Valetta has hosted every year on or near the date of  Xzavier’s injuries.  You can meet them too.  Follow this blog and you will see the reminders of the event in advance.   So far, this is a grassroots effort and we do not have the support of any sponsors.


And you can send a donation to Valetta to her post office box or contact her on facebook to post a donation by PayPal through her personal email or if you are close to an Educator’s Credit Union, you can make a donation to the X-Man Foundation.  This is a federally recognized non-profit to promote the campaign ‘Don’t text for X’.

Send your gifts and contributions to Valetta here;

Valetta Bradford
PO Box 06061
Milwaukee, WI 53206

Friend Valetta on Facebook


Thank you,

that Lady down in Texas











Fundraising is hard.  Finding sponsors for campaigns is even harder.  There are many new commercial spots pleading for people not to text while driving.  In Austin the companies who are advertising against distracted driving are companies that have professional drivers delivering goods and services out there on the front lines and they are reporting back that distracted driving is everywhere, everyday.  You take a risk every time you share the road with distracted drivers.

We were hoping that an invitation to the White House for Xzavier and his mom Spokeswoman Valetta Bradford would give their campaign a Presidential stamp of approval but getting the attention of the White House has proven to be even harder than getting the attention of distracted drivers.   We will keep trying but we could use your help.

I am suggesting that you visit Valetta’s facebook page and wish her a Happy Easter and it wouldn’t hurt to tell her you are sorry she has to struggle this long and that your prayers are with her this holiday.

Follow this link to sign our petition;


We need 100K views for White House administration recognition. If we get 150 signatures our petition will be posted on the White House website and I checked, the competition is not that much. We could easily be the first petition regular folks are likely to sign.

Here it is again, the link to the petition;


For those of you who wish to donate to this campaign but finances are tight, please donate a few minutes of your time to this cause.  Right now the reins of this campaign are in the hands of those companies providing the phones.  That is not enough.  We need our government to recognize that distracted driving is killing us and Xzavier should be held up by the White House Administration for the drivers of this nation to realize this distracted driving needs to stop.

‘Don’t text for X’.

He survived, now what?

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Xzavier Davis was crossing the street and then he was struck by such force it ripped him from his 13 year old sister’s hand and drug him twenty yards away.  This force was a distracted driver. He was carrying a scooter and they say that scooter, the way he was holding it, saved his life in the blow because it took the brunt of the impact.  He survived.  He lost the use of his legs and his left lung.  He is in a wheelchair and on a respirator.  He is seriously damaged and this cost serious money.  The woman who hit Xzavier with her car was texting at the time of the collision.  She wasn’t even in her own lane.  Her boyfriend showed up at the scene of the crime and had a screaming fit “I told you not to text when you drive, you do this all the time, now look what you did to these people’s baby.”  Xzavier was five years old.

The insurance money is gone.  After the medical bills Valetta was given $25,000. dollars to care for Xzavier for the rest of his life.  She used the money to replumb her house  so she can bathe her son and she bought a second hand wheelchair accessible van and a lift for her house that she owned before this happened.  She had to quit her manager position in corporate America and take up her post as Xzavier’s head nurse.  She has had to follow resource leads for every  little thing to help her care for her son down to the special cream he needs so his skin won’t break down.  This prevents bed sores.

She has to undergo the agony of siphoning his ventilator periodically. She has to take care of his every bodily function.  And she does it all with a smile on her face.

Send your love and help and support today.

Valetta Bradford
PO Box 06061
Milwaukee, WI 53206

Friend Valetta on Facebook


If you friend Valetta and you want to donate to the care of Xzavier or the campaign against Distracted Driving,

you have to tell her.  She may be set up to receive donations through her personal email through PayPal by now.  You can also donate in person at any Educator’s Credit Union nationwide.  Be sure you are donating to the X-Man Foundation in care of Valetta Bradford.

Valetta started the X-Man Foundation.  This is a non-profit organization federally recognized.

I saw one of these all-terrain wheelchairs at the courthouse in Austin, TX. I freelance paralegal work from time to time, so I keep one toe in the legal community.  It was really cool.

The lady in the chair was older and had a crippling disability but there she was in front of the courthouse balanced on two wheels with the front two wheels of the chair up in the air and she was playing a game on a hand held device.

“I wish Xzavier had one of those.” I told my client.  I had already chatted her up about Xzavier and the X files and the importance that these kids stop using their phones while on the road.

Then I found the Independence group that is helping disabled Veterans get All Terrain Wheelchairs.  It makes a difference to them.  They can have freedom to go outside and play wherever, not just on the sidewalks or parked in the grass.  These chairs enhance the experience of the outdoors and thus, the feeling of being alive and the feeling of independence, “I can go anywhere!”

I brought this up with Valetta and she said they have a more immediate need to get a new wheelchair accessible van.  The one they are in now is not running so good and Xzavier hits his head coming and going on the ceiling of the van.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo is paralyzed from a distracted driver and restricted from following his football dreams.

People, we have power.  If you have been following the Story of X, they call him X, and you wish that Xzavier had one of these All Terrain Wheelchairs too, donate directly to Valetta.


Valetta Bradford
PO Box 06061
Milwaukee, WI 53206

Friend Valetta on Facebook


You can send money to her post office box or you can donate in person at any Educator’s Credit Union nationwide. Tell them you want to donate to the X-Man Foundation in care of Valetta Bradford.

Or you can donate on-line through Valetta’s YouCaring fundraiser page.  YouCaring.com is a site we are trying out for the first time.  It was easy to post the information on their site and they are set up for an automatic connection to either WePay or PayPal.  We chose WePay because PayPal was not helpful to Valetta when she called in, however they did help her set up PayPal through her private email if you prefer to donate by contacting Valetta directly.  Just friend her on facebook and then ask her to send you an email.  Here is the link to donate on line through YouCaring;


Halloween for the Mighty X-Man

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Valetta emailed me on Thursday and told me about the two appearances she had planned for Friday, the next day on October 25th.  I asked her if they have any plans for Halloween but I haven’t heard back on that.  Since I have the mask pictures of X and this one of Aurie I wanted to share this with all of you.

Happy Halloween.